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Current Characters And Friends Add List

Links to journals coming soon, but so far we have:

Original Universe:

Mello (Death Note)

Alternate Universe (was merged with Original):

L. Lawliet (Death Note)
Espa Roba (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Instructions Upon Acceptance

1. Join the community with your character journal, not your personal one.

2. Sign off on the rules post.

3. Put the following in your character profile:

[ CharacterName of CharacterSeries does not belong to me, and I am not making any money from roleplaying them for fun in the roleplaying community AwarenessDawns. All rights belong to the creator, and I am just borrowing this character because I love the series so much that I have to live fandom here. ]

Obviously, replace CharacterName and CharacterSeries with the appropriate information.

Under this, include the information from your application that describes appearance, personality, and background, along with a picture for people who may not be familiar.

4. Go to the current characters list and add friends using the instructions there.

Hiatus Post or Dropped Characters Post.

If you need to take a hiatus, please reply with the following information, for each character going on hiatus:

Fill This Out For Hiatus AnnouncementsCollapse )
Up to a month of hiatus is allowed, as long as notice is given. If you have not been heard from after one week (7 days) after the posted end date for your hiatus, your character will be cut and open for a new player.

If you need to drop a character, please reply with the following information, for each character being dropped:

Fill This Out For Dropping A CharacterCollapse )

Extended Game Rules

General Rules

1. This is a multi-fandom game, although it takes place in the Evangelion universe. This means it is open to any fictional character that can fit into Tokyo-3 without becoming out-of-character, as this is not a crack community. You should know enough about Evangelion to participate in that world. Original characters are not allowed.

2. You must be of legal age to participate in an adult community, as there will likely be graphic violence and sexuality.

3. Logs must go by the following format, with the log going under the summary in a cut. Ratings must be accurate, and anything graphic must be labeled NC-17 so that people won't click on it at work. Also, logs are posted to the community, not the character's journal, and should be tagged as shown in the next rule. They should be posted in a timely manner - less than a week after being completed. If you aren't sure how to do a cut, please read this.


4. Tag community entries with the character names with asterisks in front of them, the series for each character, and *log. For example:  *ikari, *shinji, *gendo, *hiwatari, *satoshi, *dnangel, *evangelion, *log.  And yes, I do want both first and last names included, because someone may want to look up logs that involve all Ikaris or something like that.

Player Conduct

1. Act like an adult. Don't spam, and use a thesaurus if you can't think of what to write. Using 1334 speak or net speak is not allowed, unless it is in character for that character or they are making a point. And even if it is used occassionally, please include a translation.

2. Be polite and don't harass other players. If there is an issue, take it up with a moderator so that it can be resolved peacefully.

3. No Godmoding or Metagaming. Godmoding is when a character is invincible and always wins without there being a reasonable explanation, dice roll, or prior agreement with the other player. It is also when a character does something to another character without the player's permission. YOU MUST HAVE A PLAYER'S PERMISSION FOR ANYTHING QUESTIONABLE YOUR CHARACTER MAY DO TO THEIRS. Metagaming is using knowledge that you may have as a player but which your character does not. For example, you may know that Kaworu has angelic powers, but if you're playing a character who does not have any way of knowing that (i.e. - he has not exposed such a talent around them) then your character cannot use that information.

4. Keep your characters in character for canon, and with character development as it occurs in game. Don't suddenly switch your character's personality, unless there is a situation which would trigger such an event. For example, when Shinji goes int Berserker mode, he's nothing like the sweet and eager to please kid that he is normally.

5. Post to each character's journal at least once every 10 days, and do a log with another character at least once ever 14 days. If you cannot do this, comment to the hiatus post. Hiatus can be taken up to one month, but if you are not heard from within one week of your expected return date, your character will be cut.

Community Specific Rules

1. The community is only for posting logs or for moderator posts. There is an OOC post for fun links and such to be shared, and a hiatus / dropped characters post. This is to keep things organized, because the main moderator is a working college student with a child and can't spend all day fixing these things.

2. You get three warnings before you get cut. If you have 2 warnings, you may not apply for new characters until you have gone one month without a new warning. If you do not break the rule again within two months, the warning will get subtracted from your tally.

3. Always tag and rate appropriately. Mark your character journals as adult in nature to follow site rules.


Player Name:

I am of legal age to participate (Y/N):


Application Process and Rules

You may apply for two characters initially, but may not apply for additional characters until a month of consistent activity with all of your current characters. Reply to this thread; Comments are screened to keep your identifying contact information from becoming public to get spammed. Please check the Taken Characters list before applying. Right now, we only have Original Universe Shinjis, Gendou, and Van Fanel.

To be considered, please submit the following information:


Please read these carefully, because if something isn't correct, you will be asked to resubmit or add to your first application.